Silent Dance Parties

Silent Dance Parties are ideal for any situation where sound can be an issue. This makes them perfect for late-night sets at festivals when volume needs to be kept at the bare minimum, as well as day-time sets when sound-bleeding issues from other stages can distract and deter a performance. This technology was first used at the UK’s Glastonbury festival in 2005, and its popularity has spread rampantly throughout the US since then.

Imagine not having to worry about being distracted by the conversation happening next to you at a concert, just put on the headphones and you won’t have to. Imagine actually being able to have a conversation with your friend at a loud concert, simply take off the headphones and you can. The potentiality is endless. With our 3-channel system, you can have three different artists playing in the same venue with your audience being able to choose who they are listening to. Colored LEDs on the headphones light up to correspond to colored lights at each artist’s station. Want to join a group of your friends in their dance party? Just switch your headphones to the same color as theirs and hop right in! There’s no need to ask what everybody’s listening to.


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