Heartbeat Silent Disco “MAPS Benefit” 6-11:30pm




Dine, Dance, Learn, & Connect

The gathering for artists, researchers, allies, and newcomers alike to gather, connect, and build community.

Save the date! October


Hosted at the Regents Center, 3185 NE Regents Dr, Portland, OR 97212

What will be Happening

Art Exhibition

Psychedelic Dinner will be proudly showcasing work from a cross-disciplinary collection of psychedelic-inspired artists, all of whom are local to the Pacific Northwest.

*We are presently taking submissions from artists for the exhibition. Visit our blogpost about submission details here: https://psychedelicdinnerpdx.wordpress.com/2017/03/12/art-submissions


We are at the crest of a new psychedelic wave that is now breaking over our default culture. With this vision in mind, the dinner is acting as a platform for passionate, educated, and dynamic minds to speak truth and stimulate greater awareness. These Portland-based presenters and their topics will be announced in advance, with one special guest potentially saved as a surprise. πŸ˜‰


At the same time we are nurturing and building our local community, we will also be putting our footprint on the global level by giving all profits from donations to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and the Zendo Project.

Our goal is to donate a combined $7,000 to MAPS/Zendo through the Training and Dinner. Visit http://www.maps.org/ and http://www.zendoproject.org/ to learn more about them.

Help us meet our goal by offering matching donations, donating goods/services to the raffle, sponsoring these events to cover overhead expense, and of course, joining us at the events! Visit the β€œContact” page to offer any gifts in advance. ❀


During dinner festivities, the stage and speakers will be presided over by Chris Browne, a long-time Portland DJ. We are very honored to have Chris help curate the event atmosphere, which he has offered to do so pro-bono.

Silent Disco

9:30 – 11:30pm

Immediately following the dinner, we invite you to stay and dance!

We are pleased to be collaborating with DJ Takimba of Heartbeat Soundsystems to create the Psychedelic Silent Disco after-party!

Heartbeat silent discos have been a staple of the local dance community for years, with their music and movements gracing locations like Laurelhurst Park, the Portland Spirit, What the Festival, the MAX blue line and elsewhere.

Silent discos use wireless, multi-channeled headsets that can reach up to a quarter mile away, meaning we can dance after-dark throughout the venue, with all the music sent straight to the brain and not a peep to the neighbors.

Further details about dinner Happenings will be added soon…

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