Heartbeat Silent Disco “Connected” 9/23 4:30-8pm

Portland, let’s take Saturday to dance and play in Laurelhurst Park.

On Saturday 9/23, Laurelhurst will play host to The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017: Portland, OR from 2-4pm.

Come join Heartbeat Silent Disco after your shared minute of eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity in Portland.

We will meet on Saturday the 23rd of September at 4:15pm at Laurelhurst Park, on the lawn North of the duck pond, South of the Bathrooms.

With a blanket, friends, family, snacks, and your favorite beverage, we will be dancing as the sun sets. Bring out flow arts, games, crafts, creative and amazing people maybe some skills will rub off on you or you can teach someone something new.
This is our first time in this amazing city and we’r very excited!! so join us and bring your good vibes.

Silent Discos are more fun when we have critical mass. Let’s get together around 4:15pm to stretch and guarantee you headphones. We are going to kick things off around 4:30pm and go til around 8pm we will be bringing a bunch of headphones but get there early to guarantee you a pair. You must have a Valid Drivers License or ID in order to use the headphones. This is a family friendly event 🙂

All Heartbeat Silent Discos are Leave No Trace events, let’s leave the park cleaner than when we found it! ♥

Featuring Music by:
TAKIMBA https://soundcloud.com/meltingpotmusic

Learn more about The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017: Portland, OR at: https://www.facebook.com/events/113294979370220/



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