A HeartBeat Silent Christmas Carol 12/20 6-9pm

A HeartBeat Silent Christmas Carol

12/20 6-9pm

Portland! Come join Heartbeat Silent Disco Wednesday December 20th from 6-9pm as we dance our way down Peacock Lane singing Christmas Carols along the way.

Each house in this quaint southeast neighborhood has been decorating for Christmas for decades. Mostly Tudors, the houses are adorned with not only beautiful sparkling lights, but also nativity scenes, rotating Christmas trees and stunningly life-like replicas of Santa and Frosty.

This is a very popular Portland tradition and we are excited to be adding to the festivities. Come sing with Heartbeat Silent Disco where the only thing you can hear is your HeartBeat. We will be spreading Christmas cheer from 6-9pm.

Silent Discos are more fun when we have critical mass. Let’s get together around 5:45pm to stretch and guarantee you headphones. We are going to kick things off around 6pm and go til around 9pm we will be bringing a bunch of headphones but get there early to guarantee you a pair.

Silent Disco allows people who like different types of music to still dance together in the same room! Whether you’re into Christmas Music, house or funk, we’ll have something for everyone. Our headphones have a long range so you can feel like you’re in the front row of a concert wherever you are along Peacock Lane. And the personal volume control allows each user to tune into their perfect comfort zone.

This is a family-friendly event, and we encourage you to bring snacks, flowtoys, and whatever else you feel would contribute to the fun. Please bring a valid driver’s license for use of the headphones.

And don’t forget, all HeartBeat Silent Disco events are leave no trace events!



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