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Heart Beat Silent Soundsystems is a full service audio production company that offers an innovative solution for rising above the constraints of noise ordinances and less-than-welcoming neighbors. Rather than using traditional modes of amplification, we use high-powered transmitters to broadcast to an inter-connected network of wireless headphones. This means that[…]

Silent Dance Parties

Silent Dance Parties are ideal for any situation where sound can be an issue. This makes them perfect for late-night sets at festivals when volume needs to be kept at the bare minimum, as well as day-time sets when sound-bleeding issues from other stages can distract and deter a performance.[…]

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HeartBeat Silent Disco – Last Week in Review

HeartBeat Silent Diso Last Week in Review <3 Free HeartBeat Silent Disco “Silent Nights” 12/2 7-10pm The Banyan Tree lighting was a joyous occasion for both locals and visitors. With the high school band playing Christmas melodies to start off the night and lead us into the tree lighting to[…]

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